Custom made sofas

Most of our sofas consist of individual components of different dimensions. Therefore, upon request, anyone can order a sofa according to their wishes and dimensions of the living space.

Individual components of sofas can be adjusted in a way to be able to fill living spaces of irregular shapes, e.g. rounded walls or irregular corners.

We find solutions even for the most demanding customers. Upholstered furniture of the most unusual or special shapes and dimensions can be custom-made.

Elements and dimensions

These kinds of orders offer a wide variety of options since every piece of upholstered furniture is treated as something unique.

Fabrics and colors

For the production of custom-made coverings, different materials can be used according to the wishes of customers, with the exception of sofas where a specific material would affect its appearance or comfort in a negative way. Clients also have the opportunity to bring their own material they want to use for their sofa or any other upholstered furniture element.

More about fabrics for coverings

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